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Dust-Off Compressed-Gas Duster with Bitterent 12 Pack

Dust-Off Compressed-Gas Duster with Bitterent 12 Pack

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Ideal for basic use, disposable Dust-Off XL is extra large. More economical to use, XL delivers its dust-removing power at less cost per gram than competitive products. Suitable for workstations, labs, repair benches, household use, on-location photography, etc. **Due to federal regulations, this product product cannot be shipped via express or air shipment delivery methods. Falcon Safety Products, makers of Dust-Off compressed-gas dusters, has proactively been combating the dangerous practice of inhalant abuse for many years. Like the experts in the field, Falcon has been working with various organizations on educational campaigns trying to raise awareness about the dangers of inhalant abuse. And while these same experts agree that this is the best course of action, Falcon wanted to see if there was something that could be done with their formulation. After years of extensive research and a resurgence in 2005, Falcon was successful in delivering a new formulation that contains a bitterent to help discourage potential product abusers.